What has Science to Say about the Usage of Magic Mushrooms for Depression?

Usage of Magic Mushrooms for Depression?

Usage Of Magic Mushrooms For Depression

Depression is a severe medical condition, which varies from mild to life-threatening conditions. It is always better to get in touch with a specialist to get the right help and treatment for depression. However, these days magic mushrooms are trending for their capabilities to treat depression and anxiety.

Usage of Magic Mushrooms for Depression?

The Government of many countries has already approved the clinical trials of psilocybin, which is the compound present in magic mushrooms to determine if it effectively treats major depressive disorders. The trials’ results have come out to be positive, and magic mushrooms have made their place in the list of effective anxiolytic herbs. Though magic mushrooms are illegal in many countries, it is easy to access magic mushrooms in Canada. You can make your purchases from there and get the delivery direct on your doorsteps. Usage of Magic Mushrooms for Depression?

What does science say about magic mushrooms for depression?

A study, when conducted on about 12 to 50 participants facing depression in different health conditions, showed promising results. No doubt a lot of research needs to be done to determine the uses and benefits of magic mushrooms for depression, but here are some of the positive findings-

• Just a dose or two of psilocybin reduces the symptoms of depression and the effect of lasting for at least three months after the treatment.

• The magic mushrooms, when given to cancer patients, resulted in a significant decrease in depression and anxiety symptoms, which continued throughout the 6-month follow-up assessment. Thus, it is evident that magic mushrooms do have the goodness to improve the quality of life of people going through cancer treatments. So, wait not and buy mushrooms in Canada to have a better life.

• A study was conducted before and after MRI scans to see psilocybin’s effectiveness in reducing depression symptoms. The result found showed that all the participants had decreased depression symptoms while their MRI showed some physical characteristics in the brain that are associated with a decrease or less severe depression symptoms.

• A single dose of psilocybin when given to terminal cancer patients provided them with the long-lasting improvement in anxiety, depression, quality of life, and reduced death anxiety.

• The study showed that psilocybin improved the emotional state of the patients  who suffered from depression.

During the research, only minor side effects were found, including the mental effect the treatment would have, digestive discomfort, and slight distress during the treatment. Support was provided by the researchers to subdue any panic attacks that can arise to reassure the patients they were safe, and the experience was just normal.

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal?

In the present time, magic mushrooms are controlled substances under schedule III, meaning they are illegal in many countries, with low to moderate abuse potential. However, if you wish to buy magic mushrooms in Canada, It is readily available with any discomfort.

While for the Nations who have not legalized magic mushrooms, a lot of research needs to be done to get approval. However, the process is not so easy as nobody can possess magic mushrooms, but we can soon expect to hear some good news.

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