How to buy microdosing shrooms online?

microdosing shrooms

Magic mushrooms or microdosing shrooms are one of the world’s most common psychedelic substances.

In this detailed guide, we will clarify all you must know, about recognizing and using mushrooms, what they are and more.

microdosing shrooms online

What are Magic mushrooms?

The word ‘magic mushrooms’ shall refer to all fungal species containing psilocin, the derivative of psilocybin. These compounds stick in the brain with serotonin receptors to establish a psychedelic experience.

But their effects are almost similar. They can cause feelings of mild euphoria to intense hallucinations and spiritual experiences, depending on the dose.

For this purpose, human beings have used them as an essential part of religious ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years. Recently, they became famous as a leisure substance, and scientists explore their therapeutic potential.

The effects and dosage of Microdosing Shrooms/Magic mushrooms

The effects of magic mushrooms may depend on the person who takes them, the environment, and the dose.

People who use them often describe a heightened emotional state and a stronger sense of introspection. Some users may encounter synesthesia and distortion of time, a condition involving the mixing of the substances.

Psilocybin may have visual effects as well. Shifting forms and colors, halos or rainbows around things, or abstract patterns while closing the eyes are common examples. There may be a sense that the universe pulses or breaths together with feelings of inner harmony, happiness, or attachment.

One of the secrets to having a good experience is to take an adequate dose of magic mushrooms. Although the effects of a specific dosage often vary from individual to individual, many people suggest beginning with a microdose for the first time. More experienced users frequently take up to five grams or more at once, but this high dose usually results in extreme psychoactive and hallucinogenic effects and anxiety for novice users.

It is also essential to take mushrooms in a relaxed and healthy atmosphere when with a positive attitude. A close friend or expert may further improve the event as a ‘trip sitter.’ They should ideally have a psychedelic experience and remain sober to direct and ease any concerns.

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How to buy Magic Mushrooms online?

When it comes to buying online magic mushrooms online, this is generally the most straightforward and safest way to access them, even if it is illegal where you reside.

When it comes to online purchase of magical mushrooms, you can find that PsilocybeCubensis is the only species usually available, although there are over 180 different species of magic mushrooms.

The curious thing about Psilocybe Cubensis is that it is divided into over 40 different strains depending on the place in which it was discovered, or some people are combining different strains to make new strains.

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When you buy them online, there are many choices to look at:

1) Sport Print

Mushroom spores are very tiny and can only be seen using a microscope. On a mature mushroom, many spores grow on a gill or a small piece of a mushroom. To see a group of spores and the color of spores, we can print a spore. Spore color ranges from white to many shades, including black.

2) Grow Kit

While this choice sounds better, it is a little harder to reach every location, and because 80% of the world’s places have made it illegal, most of the businesses would not even ship the grow kit. And even if they send it to you, there would be a fair risk that it would be grabbed by the customs if you purchased it internationally.

The fastest and safest way to get it online is to buy a spore print, allowing it to be delivered anywhere in the world without the possibility of being seized.

3) Spore Syringes or Vials

Your last choice would be to buy a spore syringe or vial with the spores already mixed with the distilled water. For certain species, this is the right choice if they do not sell spore print.

Now you know all the numerous ways to get magic mushrooms. Purchasing Magic mushroom online is the safest way as it’s a piece of paper in a zip-lock bag, which you receive in the mail.

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