At Trippy Mushrooms we want you to feel appreciated at all times. That being said, we have finally made the adjustment in 2020 to involve a point system that will give you back in store credit for every purchase!

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How Does It Work?

All registered members of trippy mushrooms will receive 5% back for every order. (Coupon codes don’t affect anything)

***Every $1 will receive 1 Trippy Token***

20 Tokens = $1

*Note that bulk orders will not apply*

Ways To Earn More

  • Every reviews on our product/pages will also receive 20 Trippy Tokens ($1)
  • Signing up with a new account will retrieve $25 in tokens
  • Instagram @Trippymushroomsca) will be hosting weekly/bi-weekly give away’s involving points or free prizes
  • Discord Group Chat will also be hosting giveaways from not only us but from anyone that wants to get involved
  • Youtube reviews will receive 600 Trippy Tokens ($30)
  • Instagram reviews for 50 Tokens ($2.5)
  • Sign up for newsletter and get 500 trippy tokens.
  • Other ways you can think of? send us a email and we can make something happen!

We appreciate your loyalty – TrippyMushrooms