Are Magic Mushrooms Actually Helpful For Treating Depression?


In today’s world depression is the most commonly known mental health issue.

As per the reports, depression alone affects almost 264 million people globally. Moreover, in the United States, anxiety alone affects over 40 million adults. But luckily, with development, numerous treatment plans to treat depression have come up in light. 

Magic mushrooms as a treatment for depression | Research briefing |  Pharmaceutical Journal

From conventional medications to herbs, there are numerous ways you can opt for depression treatment. The most common herb known to treat depression is magic mushrooms. Numerous campaigns were conducted during the last few years to popularize the herb’s effectiveness in dealing with depression.

While magic mushrooms are illegal in most countries, you can buy magic mushrooms in Canada without any discomfort. Buy mushrooms from Canada and get better control over your mental health. But don’t forget to check the law of your country before ordering.

Now when it comes to the claims of relieving anxiety and depression, let’s find out how true they are.

Magic mushrooms interaction with the Body

Magic mushrooms have got two essential compounds, namely psilocybin and psilocin. When we consume the mushroom, our body breaks down psilocybin and psilocin, which then provides us with psychedelic effects. However, the effect of the mushroom varies in intensity and duration depending upon the various factors namely-

• Age

• Body chemistry

• Body mass 

• Strength of dosage

• Method of preparation

Keeping aside the factors, the psychedelic effects of Magic mushroom heighten within three to four hours and the effect of which can last up to 8 hours. So, if you are someone suffering from depression, buy magic mushrooms, Canada, to get the right help for your depression.

How do magic mushrooms help with Depression Treatment?

Depression can be a result of various situations or triggers. Each of those triggers can increase the stress hormones like cortisol wild, decreasing the effect of good hormones like serotonin and endorphins.

Moreover, depression can result from abnormalities in the structure or functions of brain receptors. If research is to believe such abnormalities can cause major mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia, drug addiction etc.

Now to curb the effect, psilocybin compounds can be used, which is found in magic mushrooms. They are believed to mediate the effect of stress hormones by resetting our brain. Studies have shown magic mushrooms deliver the same effects as electroconvulsive therapy. Psilocybin offers rest to the brain and provides the patient with the right amount of motivation and energy they need to break out of their depressive conditions. Therefore, magic mushrooms actually work for depression. So, get your hands on magic mushrooms in Canada and stay relaxed knowing you have the right herb to deal with your depressive situation.

Moreover, magic mushrooms have the properties that relieve the mental conditions by reconnecting the patients with their emotions. They control the functioning and even take the brain to the original place where it was before you started feeling depressed. It is found that the patients who consume magic mushrooms are more confident about their emotions, which is needed to recover from long term depression and anxiety.

Magic mushrooms Canada comes with a range of medical compounds, which includes tryptophan based beta-carbolines like harmane. These compounds have been clinically known to boost brain function. So, yes, magic mushrooms are really a great alternative to medications to deal with it.

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