What TrippyMushrooms Canada Stands For In The Psychedelic World


Psychedelic Shrooms

Our #1 priority is to provide the best psychedelic mushrooms in Canada. Using CanadaPost Express, all orders will be shipped discreetly and will come with a tracking number for your order.

If you look around at our website, you will see that we carry many strains ranging from common cubensis and rare ones like our blue meanies. We have chocolates/edibles and have the most important – micro-dosing capsules (Check Out Why To MicroDose Here) Every person varies but it is worth giving it a shot to see if it works. It has many mental benefits and helps with things you wouldn’t think it would! so read the blog above if you are interested in micro-dosing magic mushrooms

Much Needed Education About Magic Mushrooms

For those who do not know we are a fairly small team and we care more about giving the psychedelic products for the best benefits to the whole world than to making actual money. We want everyone to have the right mind and idea about magic mushrooms.

As growing up, I always thought magic mushrooms were one of the tops in the no-no-list for the drugs category. Never had the right education on it as I did with Cannabis. Now that I have researched for years and even tried micro-dosing myself + releasing many blogs learning about psychedelic mushrooms, I truly feel like it can help a lot of people mentally. Of course, for some, it may not work as good or at all but that’s the same with over-the-counter medicine or anything you indulge really. All I can say is that it does not hurt to try micro-dosing even if it’s just for a boost of energy.

It can make you more focused and actually get things done! Read in our other blogs that we release every chance we get. If you are going to take it to have a trip, please be safe and be with good company and friends! Education and exposure are needed for magic mushrooms as it has helped many people I have talked to including my friends and family. Personally, I micro-dose 2 times a year to give me that boost I need. You can also read about that in my blog section as I made a blog about my personal experience.

We hope we can continue to grow and educate more and more people around Canada.

Once again we at Trippy Mushrooms appreciate everyone stopping by and reading our blogs and ordering the best-dried magic mushrooms<3

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