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Well, before I start about this blog, I want to make it clear that a micro dose impacts everyone differently.

I want to share my story about how it affected me for the better and how it didn’t.

In this journey, I dosed 150-175MG every 3rd day.

Almost ending and writing this personal blog, I want to say that I fully support the movement of microdosing shrooms and how it can benefit beyond anyone’s help.

Keep in mind I have never touched shrooms, not even in high school.

I was hesitant at first, but I wanted to know for myself that what I was searching for was correct.

FIRST WEEK: Micro Dose

To keep this short in the first week, I did not notice much about the micro-dose besides me overthinking about how it’s going to affect me. The thinking went away as I kept it as a “normal” morning routine and acted like I never did it. However, I did notice myself getting zoned into things and staying up late doing the hobbies I enjoy.


Now, this is where it gets interesting. As days went on, The time was going by faster than usual.

Micro-dose changed my life and here’s why

My mind was more occupied doing things and thinking overall for the positive.

I am usually a procrastinator and always try to delay things until the end.

As my daily errands go by, I was knocking them down with ease and, before you know it, my days over.

I noticed I was thinking of more ideas for my business and was trying to work a little harder and not procrastinate.

My thoughts were more positive, and my days were enjoyable at the end of the night.

Now I can see how this can affect people for the worst or better. This experiment on myself made me into a more motivated person than I used to be.

Although I won’t be continuing to micro dose until a few more months, I highly recommend anyone to look into this for a little boost in your life. Now it can help in different ways and open new things that you never realized.

Any little thing that you need to work on, micro-dose can help it randomly.

Crazy how it works, I know, but psychedelic shrooms can help with anything you need work with(Positive Thoughts, Daily Life Errands, Motivational push to do things you never wanted to do), but we just never know what it will improve or not improve.



However, I had some bad effects that was minimal but still strange to me.

Micro-dose really is life changing

As an individual, I have a terrible temper.

I get mad at things easy, and when I do, it’s overboard.

In the first 15 days, I was getting triggered by such small things. Although when I got angry, I calmed down easier.

Sort of weird, right? I know. Get angrier easier but calm down faster? I overthought things angry or happy .

At this point, I thought it was not worth it for me to microdose any further.

As I took my usual two days off near the end of 15 days, I felt happier than ever. So I decided to continue with this and finish it. As 15+ days go by, I was in a good daily rhythm.

I’d say I’m at the same temper I was before I started. As I was looking back, I would say it has been a fantastic journey for the better. Not only can I start working on my anger issues with these, but It has also personally made me into a more positive, hard-working person.

As I lose track of my path, I would say I’d microdose again. It can keep you up at night thinking, and it can do many things. Try it out at our store

Start your life journey now, and see if it can benefit you!


In conclusion, I believe everyone should try to micro-dose to see if it can help them for the better.

Changed my whole perspective on mushrooms, and I want to thank them for increasing my life for the better. The only reason I am not continuing micrdosing is for three reasons.

Microdosing can become expensive over time as you build your tolerance higher.

So instead of 150MG, you would need 250MG or even 500MG. It’s also good to take breaks in between to lower your tolerance and give your brain a little break.

On top of that, it is even more effective when done right. I will be back by summertime to go on another microdosing journey.

I want to thank you guys for your time in reading my story. I will micro dose at least 2 cycles a year as it will increase my energy to work harder it seems

Love you guys all, and we hope you shop with us at Trippy Mushrooms.

Please share your micro dose experience with our reddit group or directly to our email.

I would love to read some as I am still learning about this beautiful magic mushroom.

We source the best for the best experience possible.

Remember everyone is different so give it a try, and we hope it helps.

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