How To Prepare For A Safe Psychedelic Trip?

Safe Psychedelic

First time trying Magic Mushrooms? Do not look no further to find out the best ways to prepare yourself for the best/safe psychedelic trip. First off we want to say we provide the best magic mushrooms Canada has to offer. At we not only provide the best magic mushrooms. We process your order right away and have them shipped with Canada Post Express!

A first shroom trip can be a grand, life-changing experience, a good trip. But it can also be vicious, taking control of your world and your senses, throwing you into a terrifying, horrific magic mushroom world, a bad trip.


First off and foremost, every person reacts different to different drugs, and that includes magic mushrooms. That’s why it’s important to start small; feel out the mushroom world, and judge for yourself how much you should take next time. Safe psychedelic

With that in mind, decide how intense your first set of trips to be. Do you eventually want to dive into your subconscious brain, swimming around its various landscapes while connecting different meanings of life; or do you just want a nice, relaxing magic mushroom high with some colorful and visuals and interesting shapes? You’ll need to stock up accordingly, based on how many trips you’ll be having and how much you want to take; but hang on, we’ll get to psilocybin mushroom dosage in just a second to ensure a safe psychedelic trip


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Before you even start thinking about the intensity of the trip, the dosages, and thinks like that, you need to establish a safe, calm tripping environment, i.e. Timothy Leary’s “set and setting.” For most, this means not out on the streets or in the bushes or washes, but in a home where you can explore the trip, walking outside if your goal is to enjoy the beauty of nature.

“Set and setting” also includes your state of mind. Don’t start taking magic the day before you have an exam or job interview. Don’t pick a “safe” house where someone you don’t want to know about your shroom using is likely to show up (or is already there). A mix of anxiety and annoyance before a trip can quickly turn into a terrifying, chaotic bad trip afterward. Be calm, enjoy the shroom experience with an open mind, and know that whatever comes, you’ll be okay. And you will be.


By the way, a trip sitter is the way to ensure that, in reality, you’ll actually be okay. Find a trip sitter, or a sober person that has the time and experience to take care of you, to aid you through your magic mushroom experience. More often than not, any trippers who take psilocybin mushrooms more than once end up finding out that having a trip sitter helped them out, whether it was simply to bring them a blanket when they were in need of one, or if they ended up saving the tripper from police trouble or worse, physical harm. So if you’re tripping on psilocybin shrooms, grab a trip sitter.


Maybe it’s your first time going on a psychedelic journey, or perhaps you find the effects of your shrooms to be a little too much. No need to worry!

The Trip Stopper 3000 helps lessen the effects of a bad trip for a smooth comedown. If you have Trip Stopper 3000 within reach, it will make you more relaxed so you can better enjoy your mushroom ride!

  1. Take 2 white capsules (maltodextrin) to lessen the effects of your trip.
  2. Take 2 dark capsules (valerian) to relax.
  3. Eat something savoury.
  4. Stay calm, breathe slowly, and know that the bad feeling will soon pass.

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We hope you have a safe psychedelic Magic Mushroom trip <3

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