Shrooms Can ‘Reset’ The Brains Of Depressed Patients?


If you are depressed or have anxiety, then you must check this blog. According to the latest study report, it is considered that magic mushrooms play a significant role in resting or rebooting the activities of brain circuits. 

Magic mushrooms Canada is beneficial in this case. Due to this reason, Canadians who are suffering from depression or fatigue can buy magic mushrooms to get rid of this situation. 

The researcher of Imperial College London had an experiment to treat patients who are suffering from depression. They had used psilocybin. It is the psychoactive compound that is found in magic mushrooms. The researchers have used this compound and monitored how the brain function is working, and they compared the present condition of the brain’s working process (after using the compound) with the brain’s previous state. 

After a lot of experiments, finally, Psychedelics was able to show a promising outcome in terms of the treatment of depressed people. 

After using the compound, they saw a few changes in the brain’s working procedure and activities. According to the images of the patients’ brains, the researchers realized that this compound plays a significant role in deducting the symptoms of depression. They also came to know that the trial benefits are lasting up to thirty-five days.

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What Is Said By Dr. Robin Carhart Harris? 

After treating the depressed people with psilocybin, The head of the psychedelic researchers at Imperial, Dr. Robin Carhart Harris revealed that the researcher’s team could see a few clear changes in their brain activities. He also added that it was the first time when they had seen such changes. However, they had tried before a lot of time. But they didn’t get any response.

How Patients Reacted After Going Through The Treatment Procedure? 

He said that every patient didn’t have the same feelings after the treatment. For instance, someone felt that his brain had been ‘defragged.’ On the other hand, a few said they thought the brain activities were rebooted. 

According to the Scientific reports, to check whether the magic mushrooms are working or not, they planned to take a trial. They have taken twenty patients who are suffering from depression for the psilocybin treatment trial. They were given two doses of this compound. The first dose was 10 g, whereas the second dose was 25 mg. To verify and to measure the changes in brain activities, the researchers have used two primary brain imaging methods. By taking the help of this process, they have calculated the blood flow and the crosstalk between brain regions. 

After going through the treatment procedure, the patients have revealed that they have seen improved outcomes. For example, depression symptoms have been deducted. Two US studies revealed in the last year showed that only a single dose of psilocybin could reduce anxiety. Buy shrooms Canada is what can be the beneficial step that people suffering from depression can take.


Although magic mushrooms can play a vital role in reducing anxiety and stress, it may be dangerous if it is taken by self-medicating. So make sure that you have consulted with the doctors before buying the magic mushrooms in Canada.

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