How To Grow Magic Mushrooms: Indoors

How To Grow Magic Mushrooms

Items Needed To Grow Magic Mushrooms

  • Any Opaque Plastic Storage Container With A Lid ( 56+ Quarts)
  • 70% Alcohol Spray Bottle
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Sterilized Grain Bag And Spore Injection
  • Polyfill
  • 1.5 inch hole driller
  • Coco Coir Substrate Or Any Bulk Substrate You Prefer (You Can Mix Them)
  • Rubber Gloves
  • A Room Or Closet With Low Air Flow
  • Tape

***We Do Not Sell Substrate Or Spore Injections/Clusters***

You Can Buy Them Online (Find A Trusted Source)

STEP 1: Grain Spawning

Before you start on how to grow magic mushrooms, sterilize every working part you can with the 70% spray bottle, even your plastic gloves, and grain bag. Remember to clean with alcohol after every step. 

After purchasing your grain and your spawn injection, make sure to clean the tip of the needle with the fire trick(10 Seconds) and a quick swipe with alcohol tissue. 

***Shake Your Spore Syringe Until The Cluster Spreads***

1: Inject into the bag (Located Near The Bottom Usually With Black Injection Part) and depending on your grain size, squirt about .5ML – 1ML in each corner if you can towards the bottom.

2: Place in a dark room and wait for colonizing

3: As you see, about 20% from the bottom colonized with white mycelium, you can spread it around in the bag to make the process grow more evenly and rapidly. (Remember To Sterilize Everything Again)

4: Wait until 100% colonized with mycelium, and you are ready to place it into your DIY monotub.

Step 2: Preparing your monotub

1: Drill a 1.5-inch hole about 2-3 inches down from the TOP of the container. Two holes on each long side and one each on the smaller side

2: Stuff the holes with polyfill and tape the edges so the polyfill will not fall out

3: I can not sweat this enough, Sterilize the tub one more time even the polyfill. Don’t forget your gloves and lid! (Sterilizing it with alcohol will keep it from getting it contaminated)

4: Layer the colonized grains around the tub and cover with the substrate you prefer. I am using the Coco Coir. Layer another small batch of grains across the substrate and mix a little. Spray about 1-2 triggers of water and repeat until you are about 4-5 inches from the bottom. Leave some grains at the top. I like to layer and mix very little than mixing all together rapidly to prevent contamination. 

5: You would want your substrate/grains to be sort of moist enough where you can squeeze a few drips out. If not then you will spray the substrate with slightly with more water

6: Cover the container with the lid and wait for more mycelium to surface

7: Wait until more mycelium all over the top you are going to cover the mycelium with more substrate AKA Coco Coir. Spray more water until the substrate is moist (Try To Keep The Same Humidity)

Step 3: Grow Magic Mushrooms 

1: After step 7 of part 2, you will need to keep the lid slightly open and to spray around the tub and surface 1-2 times a day to keep the moisture

2: Wait for those beautiful magic mushrooms to grow

Step 4: Harvest And Dry

The title says it all! There are many ways to harvest and dry that you can find online, so I won’t be explaining how to! Relatively smooth. We hope you grow the best magic mushrooms with the most significant yields! Remember, I am not an expert; I did it once to learn and researched the most I could. Any extra advice you can give please comment down below

***Additional advance ways to increase yield and help your monotub***

  • Humidity control system for managing moisture in your tub
  • Something to check your humidity in your tub.

Thank you for tuning in with our special growing Magic Shroom blog, and we hope you enjoy it! Stay trippy and safe! We advise you to be safe when assuming any psychedelics and remember they are mighty strong. After watching countless growing videos we believe this video below fits the best description above.


How To Grow Magic Mushrooms 🙂 Let me know what everyone thinks in the comments below

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